Perpetual Blues in Knysna on 12/11/16

Perpetual Blues in Knysna on 08/10/16

Perpetual Blues in Knysna on 01/10/16

Perpetual Blues in Knysna on 07/10/16

First Fridays

I’ve played at a couple of the First Friday events at Red Bridge Brewing Co. & White Washed and they are always well attended and a lot of fun. I’ll be performing there again on Jun 3rd with the wildly talented jazz bass veteran – Waldemar van Wyk.

Come along for some blues classics and some craft beer. Doors open at 4pm and we start at 6pm. Free entry!

Cross Road Blues Cover – Slide Guitar

This rendition is based on the original version by Robert Johnson. I’m forcing myself to learn, record and upload one slide guitar song per week in an effort to challenge myself.

I hope you enjoy it!

Guitar: Michael Messor Lightning Resonator
Strings: Newtone National Michael Messer Phosphor Bronze Resonator Guitar Strings 15-56
Tuning: D G D G B D
Slide: Moonshine Slides 243